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Coldwell BankerDespite being the largest real estate brokerage in California, Coldwell Banker has not always received its fair share of media coverage. So the company retained Maita Communications to raise its visibility, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area’s high-end, million-dollar-plus housing market.  We developed a communications strategy to position Coldwell Banker as the leader in the luxury market, including launching a multi-city media tour with the company’s president. We also placed regular commentaries on the housing market, both in the traditional media as well as blogs and other online sources. The aggressive marketing program paid off with media coverage from television, radio, print and online sources more than tripling and Coldwell Banker increasing its market share.

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McKesson’s Pharmaceutical Division was embarking upon a program of acquiring several small pharmacy associations and needed help communicating the transition to the pharmacists and their customers. The goal was to retain the loyalty of these important marketing channels and avoid defections to competitors. Under extremely tight deadlines, Maita Communications drafted marketing brochures, customer letters, fliers and other communications describing the change and how it would benefit customers and pharmacists.  The communications program helped ease pharmacists' concerns and led them to support the acquisition – as well as McKesson’s bottom line.

CaesarsPrior to its acquisition by Harrah’s Entertainment, Caesars Hospitality
wanted greater recognition and positioning in the gaming
industry and the news media. Besides being a well-known leader in gaming and entertainment, Caesars also was an industry leader in developing and using advanced gaming technology.  Caesars decided to bet on Maita Communications to help develop a strategy raise its visibility as a technology leader with the tech press, business publications and general news media, as well as to investors.  The bet paid off with several high-profile, positive articles that positioned Caesars as a winner in technology.



Nationa SemiconductorNational Semiconductor was preparing to make a major change to its compensation program and was concerned that new program may not be well received by its employees. The company retained Maita Communications to develop a strategy for communicating the complicated changes to employees nationwide, and do it in a way that would gain their team’s support. We developed customized communications materials for several plants across the country to address specific concerns and interests. The result: The changes were positively received by employees from coast to coast.


Tropian, a privately held Silicon Valley company that developed advanced integrated circuits for wireless communications, retained Maita Communications to raise its visibility in the wireless industry and with positional investors. The company’s engineering team had developed radio frequency components that reduced energy consumption and doubled the battery life of mobile phones. Maita Communications helped shape the company’s image, developed its communications strategy and carried out the ongoing public relations program. The result: Tropian received tremendous news coverage, including being named one of Red Herring’s Hot 100 companies, and was eventually acquired by Panasonic.

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GapSan Francisco-based retailer Gap Inc. has a youthful image in fashion circles and among employees, but its internal communications vehicles did not reflect the culture.  Maita Communications was retained to analyze Gap's employee communications, conduct employee focus groups, benchmark best practices, and recommend a new communications program company wide that truly reflected the excitement of the Gap.

We discovered that employees wanted to have fun. That included employee communications. They wanted a lively, fast-paced, hip-style communications that reflected the company's Gen X employee base and mirrored its colorful TV ads.
Gap developed a new video magazine, complete with pulsating music and MTV-style camera movements. It pumped up its internal Web site with a new design, which won an Award of Excellence from the International Association of Business Communicators. Now Gap has its employees dancing to the same beat as its customers.


Fujitsu was planning to merge two of its mobile computing companies – Fujitsu Personal Computers and Fujitsu Personal Systems. The company was concerned that the merger might be misinterpreted as a retreat from one business or the other. Maita Communications was retained to develop a comprehensive internal and external communications program to position the news as a positive move by Fujitsu. The result: favorable responses from all target audiences.

Insure, an Internet insurance provider, had all the ingredients for success: Strong financial backing from Texas financier Sid Bass, a management team with a proven track record, and the technological expertise to build a successful e-commerce company. wanted a strong PR partner to help launch the company in a way that would position it as a leader in the field of online insurance sales. It retained Maita Communications to develop its communications strategy and carry out the marketing communications program. We introduced the company to the technology and business press and quickly garnered media recognition in local and national trade, business and online press.

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Launching a company in a new market is never easy. Many different people need to be informed about the company's services and capabilities, its workforce, and client benefits. When Teligent decided to introduce its full line of broadband voice and data products on the West Coast, Maita won the job of introducing Teligent to customers and media. Prior to each market launch, Teligent wanted to see news stories that positioned it as a premier new service provider in the telecommunications industry. Through strategic planning and media research, we targeted news organizations and reporters that would help us reach our audience. Then we began informing them about Teligent. We sent introductory press kits and followed up with personalized direct mailings to make sure people knew that Teligent was different than their local phone company. Through media interviews, we positioned Teligent's senior executives as industry experts to help get out the message. The results have been impressive. From Washington State to California and Arizona, we have met the client's goal of having major stories in local daily newspapers, business journals and trade publications. Today, Teligent continues to be seen in the news media and the telecommunications industry as a leader in its markets.


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